I miss WordPress!!

Its been a really long time since I posted and I have a lot to add to the blog, I’m planning to post some new material really soon. Stay posted. Advertisements

Education is what you make it

Saw a posting on LinkedIn about senior citizens accruing a lot of student loan debt, and found this comment that really resonated with me : “The value of an education is not entirely tied up in what future income will be. Education is and should be an exercise in expanding intellectual horizons and becoming an … Continue reading


Employers: What’s more important a graduate degree or a concentrated certification?

As a recruiter, I see all kinds of resumes. I see all kinds of job postings. I see what employers look for in an employee. Now if you have a bachelor’s degree and feel like you are not being compensated fairly on your first job, I would suggest don’t quit. As long there is opportunity … Continue reading


5 Reasons your resume will never get looked at

1. Isn’t tailored to the job 2. No contact info 3. No objective statement 4. Poorly constructed / too wordy 5. Misspelled words that’s a start😣😣😣😣😣

If you’re not #winning, then someone else is….

#winning I was listening to ESPN radio this morning and they had this basketball player on the show that seemed indifferent. He was talking about why this last season was so good for him. “Out of your 10 years here, what made this season so good”, the interviewer asked. “Well”, he said “this was the … Continue reading

Job hunting doesn't have to be painful

YOU Deserve Better!!!

IF YOU WANT TO GET AHEAD IN LIFE READ THIS POST!! Ladies and gentleman, we leave in tough world, tougher than ever (at least in my lifetime, I’m 24) and I believe that we will look back on this recession and say “those were the good ‘ol days” because frankly as job competition ramps up … Continue reading

New opportunity! New Beginnings!

Well hey there world! New opportunities are happening. Big changes for 2012. I can feel the world change and I can see a glimpse into the future. The world is moving so fast lately. I thought I would share my insight into the future. Robots may replace people, but people skills can’t be replaced. If … Continue reading

Champion’s Creed

This is what it’s all about

If you think you can: You Can!!!

So I’ve been thinking. It’s time for a change. I have been pounding the pavement and I have done a lot of work recently. I am exhausted, but nothing worth doing is easy. However, I think the time has come for a slightly new direction in my life. I have been looking at things in … Continue reading

Resume added to portfolio page

Resume is now up on my portfolio page! 😜

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  • My Top 10 reasons: WhyBlog?

    1. Blogging is a great stress reliever
    2. It can be semi-productive and involving
    3. It's better than playing Call of Duty for 5 hours
    4. You meet new people
    5. You learn a new skill
    6. Not everyone can do it...well
    7. It can be fun
    8. Helps keep me up to date on current events
    9. I'd rather not walk the dog
    10. WHY NOT?